“A Pickering man’s small gesture during the pandemic — involving tacos — has sparked an online initiative. Sam Demma sent his friends a taco delivery to cheer them up. It’s now blossomed into the “Be Someone’s Taco” campaign, encouraging students to take small acts of kindness.” – CBC Toronto

Taco Bell Canada

At select presentations, Taco Bell Canada is providing coupons that when redeemed will get your audience members a free taco as an incentive to take a small act of kindness. Hundreds of tacos have been redeemed to date. Want to bring the Be Someone’s Taco to your event or school? Get in touch below or send us an email.

Be Someones Taco T-shirt

Be Someone's Taco T-Shirts

Buy your “Be Someone’s Taco T-Shirt” and wear the message of kindness everywhere you go. Soon we will be starting a “Taco Fund” and each month we will be using a portion of the sales to do large-scale acts of kindness. The taco is so cute…I know you want one 🌮 🌮 


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