Welcome back to another post on the small, consistent actions blog. This post feels extra special because, and I don’t know if you can feel it, but we’re at the start of a new decade, a new month, and a new year. In my life span, I’ve only lived through two decades. The first one was from 2000 to 2010. I was not intentional about it, and I did not

Welcome back to another post on the small, consistent actions blog. Today I want to talk about 2020 and what you can do to absolutely crush this new year. Earlier today, I was thinking a lot about HUGE companies. We’re living in 2019, we’re going into 2020 – a brand new decade -, and it seems like the companies that own the marketplace and dominate in their industries have a

THE SMALL CONSISTENT ACTIONS PODCAST Two weeks ago I permanently erased over 41 hours of interviews with AMAZING human beings on my podcast to start from scratch. What a dumb idea right?! After making the announcement that I would be starting from scratch I received tonnes of messages along the lines of; “ARE YOU CRAZY?” “Perhaps it’s too late, but instead of deleting all of the 41 episodes, is it

September 5th, 2019. This was the date of my first speech of the year and it was a special event. It was special because one, it was the FIRST of the year, two, my grade 12 english teacher was now the principal of this high school and it was his decision to bring me in so naturally I wanted to impress him, and three, it was my parents wedding anniversary…and

October 14th, 2018, that was the day my life changed forever. That was the day I decided to put my studies on hold and still it took me another four months to build this website before in March of 2019, I finally made the decision to go all in on my speaking dream. Boy, I had no clue what I was getting into! The purpose of today’s short blog post

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