YYZ -> YTR There is no doubt in my mind that I will be back to B.C very soon. I spent 5 days last week in Vancouver on a speaking tour. The tour included Enactus Nationals, LOI Demo day, and two elementary schools. In total only 3 days were spent speaking, so the remaining 2 were used for exploring. I should also mention that I was with 4 of my

I laugh when I hear my parents, aunts and uncles tell me that they’re going through their mid-life crisis. They explain it as that point in their lives when they feel like they lack certainty, direction and purpose so they spend their time going on shopping sprees, buying sports cars and taking lots of vacations. The reason I laugh is because they don’t realize that teenagers – you and I

“The most important conversation you have is the conversation you have with yourself.” – David Goggins The other night I was listening to a podcast episode with Jay Shetty and David Goggins and when David uttered these words I had to pause the episode and ask myself the question, “Sam how are you talking to yourself?” It is crazy to realize that nothing has meaning in this world except for

Self-Mastery Class Three weeks ago I was sitting in my good friend & mentor, Alvin Brown’s weekly self mastery class. Once a week he creates a very spiritual space where about 10 people including myself can explore and expand our own personal potential with the help of his wisdom and teachings. I’ve been attending these classes for the last two months, but three weeks ago something clicked. I would always

Earlier this morning I was reading a book – Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier – written by a good friend of mine Luki Dankarjanto, and I noticed that at the end of each chapter he has a TRY THIS section where he challenges the reader to do something based on what was just read. To give you some perspective, the first chapter of his book is all about your

Today I want to get extremely honest and authentic with you and to do that I thought I would write about something I have been on the edge about sharing for the past few months.. My Post Secondary School Journey The reason I have been hesitant to talk about this is because i’m not currently enrolled in school. All my friends, former classmates, the athletes I know, my neighbours and

Kids These Days.. Yesterday I had an AWESOME conversation with a former youth speaker, Ryan Porter. He is the author of Make your own Lunch, the founder of www.RaiseYourFlag.ca and when he’s not on stage speaking or running his company, he’s with his wife in Japan eating strange food and sleeping on the train. ANYWAYS… Ryan made a video about kids and youth 7 years ago that I thought is worth

“Mom! I know, I know”, “Dad you don’t have to tell me to take out the recycling every Wednesday – I know, I know!” “Mr. Smith, I know I made a mistake you don’t have to go over it, I know!” These two words “I know” make up the most destructive statement that will halt your self improvement, diminish your personal reputation, and foster resentment in other people. Growing up

PickWaste | Environmental Education for Today’s Youth PickWaste was a project that started due to a lesson my grade 12 world issues teacher, Micheal Loudfoot, taught me. He spent my grade 12, 4th period class breaking down the lives of figures in history.  He proved to us, that although they had differences and slight nuances, they all  had one thing that enabled them to make a massive impact. They all

I had a Life Changing Moment in Costa Rica It was the first vacation I had taken with my family alone in a very long time. In the past, due to athletic commitments I did not have the bandwidth to go away with my family. So when my parents told me we were going to Costa Rica I was elated! Little did I know that this trip would provide a

“The difficult is what takes a little time; the impossible is what takes a little longer.”  – Fridtjof Nansen Fridtioj (Freet-yof) Nansen was an arctic explorer, a scientist, and a humanitarian who saved upwards of 7 million people. For his amazing work he was awarded the nobel peace prize (1922). Here’s why: In 1920 he helped repatriate nearly half a million prisoners of war and in 1921 he nearly single-handedly organized

The Staff Room A few months ago I was speaking at a school to a group of young students about how small consistent actions lead to massive changes and the message was extremely well received. But let me take you back 30 minutes before my speech. That morning I arrived early at the school to prepare and ensure I was ready to deliver a flawless message. I was scheduled to

Small action, 7 words, big impact A few days ago (Monday to be exact) I was recording a podcast episode with the one and only author, singer, songwriter and youth speaker Blake Fly. Blake is such an awesome, authentic, down to earth dude and there was something he said during the interview that I thought would serve you very well. Knowing that Blake mainly speaks about appreciation, respect, kindness and

Easy to do, but just as easy not to What does saying I love you to your partner everyday, drinking 8-10 glasses of water, exercising for 20-30 minutes and doing your homework or assignments early all have in common? They’re all small actions that have the potential to increase the quality of your life and the lives of the people living with or around you. What puzzles me is that

Did you know that from birth you were programmed like a master? Mastery was literally wired in your brain. As a baby you understood the power of small consistent actions but during your upbringing you were told “no” significantly more times than you were told yes, and that forced you to believe that you cannot make an impact, change your life or master a new skill. If you look at

“I want to experience more, become more, have more, help more, enjoy more and live more.” Don’t we all? But the only way to achieve our unique version of success is to learn more. It has been said that “leaders are readers” who are committed to constant growth and the endless pursuit of knowledge. We have probably all heard that If you want to earn more learn more! So how

How is it that small actions can create radical change? When you look at the difference between a successful person vs an unsuccessful person you quickly realize that the difference between the two is often marginal. It’s the small things they do repeatedly on a daily basis that make all the difference. But small acts alone don’t lead to a success. The one missing factor that must be included in

There is Power in the Margins!    A few weeks ago, I was researching the facts and science behind the phenomenon of incremental improvement, the compound effect, and the law of accumulation. I was searching for some solid examples to explain just how powerful it can be. I came across this article by Brain Tracy, and it is by far the best example of how small consistent actions can change

A crying baby taught me a very neat lesson   So, I just got back from a vacation and I’ve spent the last few days reflecting on the trip. One thing I wanted to share with you was this small gesture that the mother of a baby did to ensure the understanding and happiness of the passengers sitting nearby. I have been fortunate enough to have travelled a lot over

Soccer to Social Impact November of 2017 I was well on my way to earning a full-ride division 1 soccer scholarship to a NCAA top ranked soccer university in USA. It was a lifelong dream of mine to play professional soccer, and this scholarship would have been the first major step to realizing that dream. But, one week before the showcase that would seal my university ambitious, I found myself

Do you stand out? I remember a few years ago I was on vacation snorkelling with my family and after we finished, we got out of the water and into the boat that was going to bring us back to the shore. But there was one issue, I really needed to pee, and we had a one-hour boat ride back to the resort. There was no way I was going

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