Self-Mastery Class Three weeks ago I was sitting in my good friend & mentor, Alvin Brown’s weekly self mastery class. Once a week he creates a very spiritual space where about 10 people including myself can explore and expand our own personal potential with the help of his wisdom and teachings. I’ve been attending these classes for the last two months, but three weeks ago something clicked. I would always

Earlier this morning I was reading a book – Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier – written by a good friend of mine Luki Dankarjanto, and I noticed that at the end of each chapter he has a TRY THIS section where he challenges the reader to do something based on what was just read. To give you some perspective, the first chapter of his book is all about your

Today I want to get extremely honest and authentic with you and to do that I thought I would write about something I have been on the edge about sharing for the past few months.. My Post Secondary School Journey The reason I have been hesitant to talk about this is because i’m not currently enrolled in school. All my friends, former classmates, the athletes I know, my neighbours and

Kids These Days.. Yesterday I had an AWESOME conversation with a former youth speaker, Ryan Porter. He is the author of Make your own Lunch, the founder of www.RaiseYourFlag.ca and when he’s not on stage speaking or running his company, he’s with his wife in Japan eating strange food and sleeping on the train. ANYWAYS… Ryan made a video about kids and youth 7 years ago that I thought is worth

“Mom! I know, I know”, “Dad you don’t have to tell me to take out the recycling every Wednesday – I know, I know!” “Mr. Smith, I know I made a mistake you don’t have to go over it, I know!” These two words “I know” make up the most destructive statement that will halt your self improvement, diminish your personal reputation, and foster resentment in other people. Growing up

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