Small Consistent Actions

Embedded within every person is the power to make massive impact inside and outside of the office. When Sam was in grade 12 he had a world issues teacher – Micheal Loudfoot – who taught him that all it takes to make a difference in life or business is the commitment to a small consistent action. This lesson sprung Sam on a journey to test this principle and it lead to the start of a social enterprise that made a HUGE impact and was featured all over national news. Using this keynote Sam challenges business professionals to rethink what is possible for themselves.

Main Messages:

– An edge of the seat story about overcoming adversity.
– Why people should not attach their self worth to their job.
– The importance of breaking down big tasks and goals into small consistent actions.
– The importance of time and consistency when trying to make a change in your life and business.

  • Steven WellwoodSteven WellwoodSales Representative sutton group. Ottawa realty, brokerage

    "I would have liked to have spoken to you further, but you were being attacked by a steady stream of my colleagues, and I thought speaking to you later would have been a better option! Your entire talk was pretty incredible. To capture a room full of serious business professionals is no easy task, and you managed to pull it off in spectacular fashion. Very impressive."

  • Jennifer BourikasJennifer BourikasSales representative at Century 21 Miller Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage

    "Sam, I'll be talking about you to everyone I know! The impact you made on my life yesterday will have a ripple effect for years!! You are the most incredible, humble, and selfless young man I have met!!"

  • Ron DicksonRon DicksonSenior Vice President Sales at Sotheby's International Realty Canada

    "Sam, I’ve been to over 30 of these events in 20 years. I’m sure your phone will be off the hook with bookings. But beyond that, you seriously captivated that room. You inspired me brother. Congratulations on everything that’s coming your way. For me the message was in your integrity and your authenticity. You had us all engaged. You could hear a spider barking. That’s how engaged the room was. I can’t wait to hear you again at the next event."


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