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Embedded within every teacher is the power to make a lasting impact on their students. But sometimes this potential goes untapped because after years of teaching it’s easy to forget why you started and the potential you have to change your students lives.

When Sam was in grade 12 his world issues teacher taught him a lesson that shifted his perspective and changed his life forever. He broke down the lives of figures in history to prove to the class that small consistent actions can lead to massive changes.

This lesson sprung Sam on a journey to test this principle. Curious and intrigued Sam committed to the small consistent action of picking up litter for one hour once a week. Fast forward one year, and it turns out his teacher was correct. The initiative he co-founded was featured all over national news, and filled just under 1000 bags or litter! Large impact indeed often follows small consistent actions.

Sam’s teacher Micheal Loudfoot didn’t just lead by lecturing and assigning homework. Instead he became a part of Sam’s success story. But Mr. Loudfoot is not an anomaly, every teacher can become a part of their students success story with a little more passion, enthusiasm and purpose. 


> How to motivate and inspire your students

> How to ensure your students enjoy your content 

> The importance of challenges and friendly competition 

> The theory of small consistent actions and how it applies to students 

  • Paige BrumwellHigh School Student

    "I just finish reading your e-book, what a great book! It is so inspiring! It's amazing that your small consistent action went a very long way. I wish you good luck in the future and I hope your actions get further and further across the world for everyone to hear!

  • Renee MahiRenee MahiTED-Ed Conference Chair

    “Sam was magnetic - he had the ability to engage a large group of students in a matter of just a few seconds."

  • Simon SarmientoSimon SarmientoHigh School Student

    "I usually skip assemblies but came to yours and I'm actually really glad I did, your words were really inspirational. I just wanted to say thanks for your time and speaking to us."

  • Sapphire MendoncaSapphire MendoncaHigh School Student

    "Sam is proof that one person can make a difference. Not only did he motivate me to be a better person, but also to follow my passion no matter the struggles I face."

  • Andre VujovicAndre VujovicHigh School Student

    “Sam made me realize that no matter how small you are compared to the world you can still make a difference. Without him I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing today."

  • Noor HashmiNoor HashmiHigh School Student

    "Watching your TEDx talk I was so surprised to hear that you were 17 years old in grade 12. It felt so relatable because I'm 17 right now. I came here to say thank you Sam; you saved a life today."

  • David GordonDavid GordonHigh School Teacher

    “You stole the show and that is the best thing we could ask for. Local action matters and you personify that in both your deeds and evident passion when speaking. You made a big impression. Keep in touch and we will have you back...”

  • Micheal LoudfootMicheal LoudfootHigh School Teacher

    "Everyone wants to help out but they need a leader to lead them to do the helping and that's where Sam's at. He is the catalyst, the leader that's going to cause change."

  • Patti TrotterPatti TrotterEntrepreneurship Coordinator, YouLaunch

    "When Sam spoke he was amazingly well put together. We loved the stories he had to share and how relatable they were to other students."

  • Richard YeRichard YeUniversity Student

    "Sam really made me think about what I can do for the world. His story inspired me to create change in my life, and continually promote positivity and good values."

  • Tomy ValidicarianTomy ValidicarianHigh School Chaplin

    "I recommend him to any organization, especially young people. He has an innate ability to motivate and energize kids."

  • Daniel RatnanandanDaniel RatnanandanVice President of DECA UTSC

    "As our keynote speaker, his ability to interact and inspire participants was truly remarkable. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would undoubtedly recommend his services."

  • Saeyoon ChandraSaeyoon ChandraUniversity Student

    "It's just something about Sam that makes you want to do something instead of just coming to do your duties as a student"

  • Jasmine FredricksJasmine FredricksElementary School Principal

    "You could hear a pin drop in our gym when he was talking and the teachers were actually floored."

  • Rayed WasifRayed WasifUniversity Student

    "I have never seen a room full of students that engrossed in a talk given at this university. Every person in the room dropped what they were doing and were mesmerized. Truly a spiritual experience."