It had been 7 months since I dove headfirst into entrepreneurship and I have to say it has been one crazy ride. I have had a great share of successes and “failures” (learnings) but one thing I know is that I keep moving forward. I keep moving forward because my garbage can is full.

This is the first time in my life that I have had a full garbage can that is directly related to business and entrepreneurship. The paper in the can does not include math tests and history exams, but rather my mistakes, failures, and on the positive note, envelopes 🙂

Last night I was going to throw away some paper when I realize that the can was full and for some reason, I immediately began to reflect on my journey and what that full can of trash meant to me.

Having a Full Garbage Can Reflects:

  • Taking shots. Trying again and again. You can never win the basketball game if you don’t shoot the ball. Shout out to the Toronto raptors! #sixinsix
  • Refining the process. You never arrive, instead you continuously improve in small increments. I refine my processes all day and throw away old ideas.
  • Resilience. Even after discarding ideas and old work you always continue to move forward.
  • Growth. Each paper thrown away is a learning experience. You learn what worked and what didn’t.

Because everything in life has duality, I also reflected on the idea of what an empty garbage could mean. Besides the fact that you may have just emptied your garbage, I believe that a prolonged empty can is reflective of inaction, procrastination and fear. When we don’t act our trash can remains empty.

So let me ask you, what’s in your garbage can? Are you filling it up or leaving it empty?


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