• Pahel LalaniHigh School Student

    "I wrote that I want to become the school president and through your programme, I had the confidence to stand for it and now I am the president. *Yay* What you are doing in INCREDIBLE and so dammmnn inspiring. SO THANK YOU AGAIN, AND I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL TO YOU❤ I hope you achieve all your dreams and become one of the best youth coaches."

  • Isabel WhitelyHigh School Student

    "You’ve inspired me more than I ever thought you could and you have been my favourite part of the youth in policing program so I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done. I also was wondering if you could send me a list of the books that helped you and inspired you because I can’t remember them all. Get back to me whenever you get the chance and thanks again:) And your stories never get old, you did awesome at ripple!"

  • RoyaHigh School Student

    "I really loved the High Performing Student program. I learned that everyone has their own unique journey towards success and yours does not have to look any similar to others. I also learned the process of creating visions, goals, and actions for certain goals. One main aspect which was crucial while reaching my goals was to be consistent and so I was also able to learn to create a morning /night routine. This is something which I’ve already begun developing in my day to day life and it has had a huge effect on my mental and physical well being."

  • Everett TattireHigh School Student

    "I think that the HPS program was a very good experience and was both fun and educational. I learned lots of things such as goalsetting, sma, bear matrix, self-development and finally morning/ night routines. It was able to help me become more productive and efficient and I was also able to plan out my future by setting goals and breaking down what actions I need to start doing now to eventually achieve those goals in the future."

  • Noor SyedHigh School Student

    "The HPS program has been VERY helpful. It helped reveal what my true goals are in my life. I learned that a goal has to follow a specific pattern/set of rules. I learned that life has a meaning; however, a person decides to make it meaningful is up to them. If they choose to pursue their goals, they can and will be successful. HPS helped me understand myself. I learned how to cope with certain failures, and how to rebound afterwards. HPS has changed my life and I strongly encourage everyone to enrol."