There is Power in the Margins! 


A few weeks ago, I was researching the facts and science behind the phenomenon of incremental improvement, the compound effect, and the law of accumulation. I was searching for some solid examples to explain just how powerful it can be.

I came across this article by Brain Tracy, and it is by far the best example of how small consistent actions can change your life.

Here is a summary of what he had to say:


Step 1: Commit to Continuous Improvement.

The key to success of personal mastery is a commitment to small consistent improvements. Continual growth compounded over time leads to radical change. “If you become one tenth of one percent more productive each day, that amounts to 1/1000th improvement per working day. Is that possible? Of course, it is!”


Step 2: Improve in Small Increments

Now here’s the result of that commitment. “If you become one tenth of one percent more productive each day, that amounts to one half of one percent more productive each week. One half of one percent more productive each week amounts to two percent more productive each month and 26% more productive each year. The cumulative effect if becoming a tiny bit better at your field and more productive amounts to a tremendous increase in your value and your output over time.” Now take this formula and apply it to anything you want to improve in life!


The Result: Through Consistency you can Double Productivity

“Twenty-six percent more productive each year, with compounding, amounts to doubling your overall productivity and performance every 2.7 years. If you become 26% more productive each year, with compounding, times 10 years, you will be 1004% more productive over the next decade. That is an increase of ten times over ten years!”

Tony Robbins says that our beliefs are like tables, with the legs being the stories, experiences and examples that support the table (our beliefs). Take this blog post as a new story and solid example to support the belief that your small consistent actions have a massive impact on your overall life.



Success, Financial. “The Continuous Improvement Formula.” Brian Tracy’s Self Improvement & Professional Development Blog, Brian Tracy International Publisher Logo, 12 May 2015,


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