Self-Mastery Class

Three weeks ago I was sitting in my good friend & mentor, Alvin Brown’s weekly self mastery class. Once a week he creates a very spiritual space where about 10 people including myself can explore and expand our own personal potential with the help of his wisdom and teachings.

I’ve been attending these classes for the last two months, but three weeks ago something clicked. I would always leave with an empowering attitude, but three weeks ago I left and my mind, heart & soul was on FIRE! So much so that I spent the entire drive home literally screaming in my car. The topic we discussed in class was the difference between familiarity and mastery.

Familiarity vs. Mastery

Too often we become familiar with things. How many times have we attended a seminar and thought “that’s a great idea” but proceeded to do nothing about it. How many books, articles, blog posts, videos have we consumed but not acted on any of the principles and habits? The issue is that we get familiar with the content but we never master it, we never embody it, we never become it.

This truth hit me so hard, let me explain. As a group we were discussing the six human needs (According to Tony Robbins – A great TED talk). The moment Alvin mentioned Tony Robbins I immediately slid my phone back into my pocket (I wasn’t going to take notes as I had seen the video previously). When Alvin saw me do that he asked, “Sam what are the six needs?” I was dumbfounded, I did not have the answers. That is when I realized that I was FAMILIAR with the content but I did not MASTER it.

So what?

That day in class Alvin helped me realize that I was “playing with my greatness”. So many of us just dabble in our own human potential due to the fact that we become familiar with things but we never master them. Stop going to the seminars, stop reading 100 books, stop watching 1000 videos and start mastering the basic fundamentals and aspects of your life. Become the master of yourself.

Alvin explained that Mastery has four stages and takes an extended period of discipline:

  1. Unconscious Incompetence: You suck and you don’t even know it
  2. Conscious Incompetence: You suck and you know it
  3. Conscious Competence: You’re good and you know you’re good
  4. Unconscious Competence: You’re good and you don’t even need to think about it.

Mastering anything takes time and dedication – not complacency!

When im learning new things I always remind myself “don’t slide your phone into your pocket, don’t think you know because you don’t.”



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