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“And of those hundreds of bags, Demma managed to talk his parents into keeping just over 100 bags of recycling in his backyard — something Demma and Mendes like to call their “Leaning Tower of Trash.”


“To date, PickWaste initiatives have filled more than 700 bags of garbage in Pickering alone, and the movement has already spread to other cities, including Ajax, Scarborough and Montreal.”


“For most of his life, Sam Demma‘s only goal was to be a soccer player. That all changed when he was injured. But it also opened the door to new prospects, with a little inspiration from his teacher.”


“This kickstarted their inspiration to create an initiative, believing that the small actions they took could eventually result in a massive change in their community.”


“Picking up roadside trash has led to a $10,000 prize for Sam Demma and Dillon Mendes, co-founders of the community environmental group, PickWaste.”