Welcome back to another post on the small, consistent actions blog. Today I want to talk about 2020 and what you can do to absolutely crush this new year.

Earlier today, I was thinking a lot about HUGE companies. We’re living in 2019, we’re going into 2020 – a brand new decade -, and it seems like the companies that own the marketplace and dominate in their industries have a connection.

This connection is present in Apple. This connection is current with Tony Robbins and huge influencers. This connection between the greatest new apps like Tik Tok. The connection is straightforward, once noticed. And while these companies dominate, they also move very quickly.

Name a company that is quicker than Apple at releasing brand new products. iPhone 6, 6’s, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10XR, 11…I swear there’s like three new phones a year. They move so fast. They innovate so fast. They iterate so fast, and they execute so fast.

Name a person quicker than Tony Robbins. He changes his seminars often, flys across the world, creates new programs, new content, and new opportunities. Every single month there’s something new on his website that you can sign up to, listen to, and consume. He’s moving so fast, and so the question becomes, how can we move quicker? Because in this new decade, in 2020, in the 20s, everyone’s moving quick. Everyone’s moving fast. Everyone has access to information. Everyone has ideas. So, the only way to separate ourselves from the crowd, the only way to dominate in our space and own the marketplace is to do things faster than everybody else.

The person who can implement the information the quickest, and execute on that information, is the person who’s going to win. And so how does Apple move so fast? How does Tony Robbins move so quickly? How do these influencers that you look up to continuously deliver new products, new services, new ideas, new movies, and new videos every single day? Another person you might know is Gary Vaynerchuk. The guy has videos and interviews posted every single day. He has a team just for his social media, but regardless, he moves quickly. A day does not go by when he does not own the marketplace of digital marketing on Instagram and all other platforms. He is unstoppable, but his unstoppable attitude and his irresistible aura come from his ability to move quickly and execute on his ideas. So again, the question becomes, how can you set yourself up in 2020 to move incredibly fast and crush the year? How can you dominate your marketplace, dominate your industry, and dominate your year?


I believe the answer is simple, and it’s one thing and one thing only, pressure. You know, pressure always gets this lousy rep as something terrible, something that makes you mess up. You know, before you’re about to do a class speech, the pressure’s high and you get super nervous. Because of this, people start to equate pressure with nerves. “Whenever I’m in a pressure-filled situation, I’m going to feel nervous, right?” And so pressure then gets this bad rep, it makes you feel bad, you know, pressure makes you mess up. Pressure creates this feeling in your stomach. Pressure makes you sweat. Pressure can appear as this terrible thing, but to be honest with you, it’s not. Pressure can also save your life.

If you get approached by an animal, a lion, and you’re outside. Let’s say you’re in South Africa, and a lion walks up to you. You’re about to enter a very pressure-filled situation. The pressure of that situation shuts down almost every organ in your body. Instead, all the blood flows to your muscles. You then enter a fight or flight situation, and that pressure saves your life. That pressure’s a good thing.

Similarly, we see this in sport. There are five seconds left on the shot clock (Toronto Raptors in the playoffs). The ball get’s passed out to Kawhi Leonard. Now in the corner of the court, he shoots, the buzzer goes off, and the ball bounces three times off the rim before dropping through the mesh for the game-winner. That’s a pressure-filled situation. But the pressure on his shoulders for taking that last shot was also the same pressure that allowed him to make that shot. Pressure is not a bad thing. Pressure is not your nerves. The pressure is good because it forces you to take action, or it forces you to fold, one or the other and the choice is yours. So, in 2020 what you need to start doing is create more pressure in your life surrounding the results that you’re trying to achieve.

Now, I’m not telling you to rush yourself. I’m not telling you you have to make timelines for things, but here’s what you have to understand. If you have a goal in your life that you’re trying to reach, a change that you’re trying to make, and you create no pressure on yourself to make that change happen, you’re in trouble. What instead will start to happen is the universe will create that pressure for you instead of you creating it for yourself. Now you have no control over what the universe chooses the place on your shoulders in terms of pressure. Whereas, if you create that pressure yourself, you’re the one in the driving seat. It’ll be a much more beneficial and convenient situation if you create internal pressure in your life as opposed to letting the world place it on you.

This is a very easy concept to understand. Let me explain. Let’s say this year you’re 60 pounds overweight. You’ve had this goal for a long time. You want to lose weight. You want to fit into those 32-inch jeans. You have them bought, sitting in your closet, waiting for yourself to shrink down so you can put them on. You had this goal for months. You’ve tried everything: personal trainers, different diets, P90X, online programs, the Peloton, all these various programs. Nothing’s working.

“You know what? It’s okay. I’ll get fit when I fit. There’s no rush.” That’s what you start telling yourself. You stop putting pressure on yourself to change. And about two years later, after giving up and not applying pressure, guess what? Life gives you diabetes. Life throws at you a bunch of health problems. Your liver starts failing. You can’t fit into any clothes anymore. People are commenting on it now. All these things, including the health problems, are the pressure that the universe starts putting on you for not putting pressure on yourself two years earlier.

This situation is a lot worse now. Now you’re stuck with this condition, this health condition. You fit into none of your clothes. Your liver is failing, and your joints are aching. You’re in a much bigger hole. You’re in a much more difficult spot to grow from compared to where you would have been if you simply decided to put pressure on yourself. Your life could come to a crumbling halt if you always let the universe put pressure on you by the exterior circumstances in your life. You need to be the person that puts pressure on yourself. If you’re striving for a goal and a result, no one else has a right to apply that pressure on you. You move at your own pace.

But understand if you don’t apply any pressure to the goals you have, life will apply it for you in ways that you may not like. And the idea or example I gave you was with fitness. You push it off for so long, apply no pressure around the goals surrounding your health and guess what? Disease comes creeping up. Don’t allow that to happen to you. This idea can apply in almost every single aspect of your life. Let’s think about work for a second. You work this nine to five job at a bank. You are very comfortable in your career. One of your goals was to move up and become the CEO, or the CMO, or whatever high position you wanted in the company. But instead of creating pressure for yourself, you just did what you were told. You showed up, and you did your work. At five o’clock you went home, had dinner, went to bed, woke up and did it again and again and again. The pressure that life might apply to you in this scenario could be a couple of different things. One, you may never get the position you wanted, because to get that position, you have to do a lot more than what you are doing right now. Nine to five is not enough if you want to move up to a position like that.

Another thing that could happen is they let you go. I’m telling you, in this new decade people are moving fast, they’re iterating, they’re innovating. If you’re just there to fill a role, fill a spot and do nothing aside from what they tell you, they might let you go. And so, it’s the same situation. But if you were to apply pressure on yourself to move up, you would start taking different action that gives you a much better possibility of reaching your goal.

You might show up 30 minutes early to work, stay 30 minutes later than everyone else. You might set up coffees with the superiors and the seniors of the company to ask them questions, to ask them the habits and routines that you have to implement in your life to one day reach to a high level. You see in 2020 it’s a very simple thing I want you guys to do. If you’re tuning in, I want you to take the areas of your life that you’re struggling with, the areas of your life that you want to change, the goals that you want to reach, and I want you to light this little fire under your ass.

I want you to figure out how you can create pressure in any area of your life because here’s what can happen if you don’t. I already explained the first. The first thing that could happen if you don’t create pressure is that life will create it for you in ugly ways that you cannot control. That’s the first thing that can happen if you don’t create pressure. The second thing that can start happening if you don’t create pressure for yourself is you can get very complacent. The moment people begin tasting success – little bits of success -; they see numbers in their bank account, and they’re able to buy things. What happens is they start getting very comfortable and complacent. You can start getting very satisfied if you stop creating pressure. “No, I’m doing fine. I have enough. I could live by myself.” You figure out how to earn a living, but you never create enough pressure to take it to the next level. So firstly, if you don’t create pressure, life’s going to create it for you. Secondly, you’re going to get complacent.

Thirdly, if you don’t create pressure for yourself in your life, you’re not going to be a top contending player in this new decade. The best companies in the world are the companies that move the quickest, that update the fastest, that iterate and innovate the quickest and execute on those new ideas. I’m not telling you that you’re competing with Apple. I’m not telling you competing with Tony Robbins, Tik Tok or Peloton and all these innovations. What I’m telling you is if you want to be the best version of yourself that you can be, you need to move fast, and the best way to set yourself up in 2020 to move quickly is to create pressure on yourself.

You need to create pressure on yourself. You must create pressure. If you have no idea how to do that, send me a message. I’ll give you practical, straightforward examples of how to generate pressure. You can write out lists of reasons, put yourself in new physical environments and situations, get an accountability buddy, and even set up consequences for not following through on agreed commitments. There are so many things you could do to create pressure. And if you have no clue how, send me a message. I’d be more than happy to send you a dozen examples that I think could be very beneficial. But again, the two words I’m focused on is 2020, as I said in my last episode, are execution and responsibility. But, I’m going to add another word, pressure. You have to create pressure.

If you enjoyed this post, send me a message. I’d love to hear from you. I want to know your thoughts. Send me a message on Instagram at @sam_demma. Send me an email at sam@samdemma.com, and if you’re struggling right now, please send me a question. I’d be more than happy to answer it for you on this podcast. I don’t have all the answers, but I would love to provide you with a unique, fresh, and different perspective.

Merry Christmas to you and your families if you celebrate. Enjoy the rest of your break until the school year starts. I’ll see you on the next post.

Talk soon.