Sam's story is not unique. Many educators have changed the lives of their students, but often need to be reminded of the power and influence they have. Because Sam resembles your students, this keynote will reinvigorate and deeply inspire your staff and administration.

Thanks to an educator – Micheal Loudfoot – Sam was taught a lesson that transformed his life.  Every educator has the opportunity to do the same within their own classrooms.  Through this keynote, Sam shares what Mr. Loudfoot did that made him buy into his lessons and leadership.  Your staff will leave this session remembering why they started teaching years ago…

Learning Outcomes

  • Inspire hope and passion
  • The importance of genuine curiosity
  • Why you should incorporate spontaneity
  • Why analogies and stories are important
  • Why you must understand each student
  • (add yours…)
  • John StewartJohn StewartJohn Stewart - Veteran Educator

    "Sam came to our high school this past September and instantly made an impact on our students. His talk was funny, engaging and memorable. Sam is genuinely a nice guy and very charismatic. It felt like he had been sharing his craft for 20 years. Many students waited around after his talk so they could meet him and ask questions. He had time for all of them. Later this year we ran into him again at a Leadership conference in Niagara Falls. I felt like I was running into a friend. I would really like to hear him speak again and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend him to other schools."

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