Two weeks ago I permanently erased over 41 hours of interviews with AMAZING human beings on my podcast to start from scratch. What a dumb idea right?!

After making the announcement that I would be starting from scratch I received tonnes of messages along the lines of;


“Perhaps it’s too late, but instead of deleting all of the 41 episodes, is it possible to let those live as a completed podcast and just start a new show?”

“Did you lose ALL your old episodes.”

All the messages were well intentioned and I have to admit I acted quick without thinking too much but if I could go back I wouldn’t change my actions at all.

100% Authenticity

What it really boiled down to was being authentic to myself and what I had originally envisioned for my podcast. When I first sat down and determined to create a podcast I really wanted to record solo episodes talking about my experiences and answering students questions, but I didn’t.

Instead I copied my friends who were doing interview based shows. I figured that if they were “successful” with that format than I could be too.

I disregarded what I envisioned for a much more effortless approach..BIG MISTAKE. I was being lazy and extremely unauthentic. Once the pain of not being true to myself was too much to bear something had to happen.

The tipping point

After thinking for about 60 minutes, I sat myself down are re-evaluated my vision for the podcast. I came to the conclusion that I was lying to myself and that I needed to restart with my podcast. The new vision was to create a show that answers the most pressing questions regarding being a student today.

To help students create a life that excites them outside the classroom walls. To become the strongest versions of themselves. That afternoon I recorded my first two episodes that you can check out here. I discussed why you MUST have a vision, and what to do when your parents don’t support it.

In the first two weeks alone I have released 4 episodes and received a TONNE of positive feedback.

If you have a question that you want answered please email it to me at and I will dedicate an entire episode to you…

Now think. What is something that you need have started that does not align with your values/standards and vision. Maybe, like me, you need to pick it apart and START FROM SCRATCH.