Sam views speaking as an opportunity to help influence and change students lives. Due to his young age he knows students listen and this reality forces him to ensure every word is one that they will never forget.

Although Sam understands the responsibility and seriousness that accompanies speaking, there is never a shortage of laughs, tears and joy from every person in the audience. He understand that in order to change the way a students thinks, he must make it an unforgettable experience. To accomplish this Sam delivers his message through the sharing of personal stories and experiences that keep audiences on the edge of their seat. But most importantly, Sam doesn’t just talk about making a difference, he does it in his everyday life and teaches students how they can do the same.

Sam is currently booking his spring speaking tours and you can see all his upcoming events on the schedule page. Below are some of Sam’s most popular presentations. Have a question? Talk to Sam

SMALL CONSISTENT ACTIONS | Helping Students Make Better Choices

Student Keynote (45-60 minutes) | Ideal For: School Wide Assembly, Kindness Conference, Leadership Conference, Volunteer Appreciation Event

Embedded within every student is the power to make massive impact inside and outside of the classroom. When Sam was in grade 12 he had a world issues teacher – Micheal Loudfoot – who taught him that all it takes to make a difference is the commitment to a small consistent action. This lesson sprung Sam on a journey to test this principle and it lead to the start of an initiative called PickWaste that was featured all over national news. Using this keynote Sam challenges students to rethink what is possible for themselves. Watch the video for a short preview.


Student Keynote (45-60 minutes) | Ideal for: School Assembly, Summer Send-off, Careers Conference, Graduation, Orientation

From a very young age students are pressured into believing that they MUST figure out exactly what they want to do with their lives. By the age of 13 they have already begun laying out their life path. As a student, Sam’s journey to figuring out what he wanted took him to Italy for 6 months, a fifth year of high school, conferences across North America, and university. In this keynote Sam uses his experiences to makes it clear that it is okay if students cannot answer that question, and instead he has the students focus on gaining life experiences and problem solving. Watch the video for a short preview.


Post Keynote Workshop (45 minutes) | Ideal for: Conference Breakout Session, Student Workshop, Grade 9 orientation.

Most youth speakers tell students “what to do”, but it is equally important and empowering when a speaker shares the mistakes they made to exemplify what “not to do.” In this workshop Sam goes over the 6 biggest mistakes he made as a student. He get’s vulnerable and through his vulnerability students begin to open up. Although this is a more serious program, there is still a lot of laughter and a very lively Q&A at the end of the session. Watch the video for a short preview.


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