The #1 question after a keynote speech is always, "now what?" This workshop is the answer. Building on Sam's flagship keynote, students are guided through the process of implementing small consistent actions using a dozen self-development tools. This is THE student success workshop.

Motivation without tools, systems and strategies is like inspiring someone to float into the middle of the ocean without paddles to get anywhere.  Keynotes make students buy into the speaker.  Workshops teach them something.  Coaching changes their lives.  This is a blend of all three.  Your students will begin waking up at 5 am and relentlessly chasing their dreams following this session. 

Learning Outcomes

  • How to re-write your beliefs
  • How to create a vision
  • How to set goals that excite you
  • Why accountability matters
  • Creating am/pm routines
  • (add yours…)
  • Paola FraiettaPaola FraiettaChaplain

    "Sam recently visited our school and delivered his testimony of finding hope through small consistent actions to our entire student body (1200 students, grades 7-12). I had the pleasure of working with Sam since November 2019 to coordinate this school-wide event and from the moment I initiated the booking, Sam's professionalism, respect, and kindness were exemplary. He spent the whole school day with us, delivering his 1-hour presentation FOUR SEPARATE TIMES! Needless to say, that's no easy feat and he executed it with competence, determination, and charm. The student and staff response was like nothing I had ever seen before. He had every group engaged from beginning to end. All of this to say, 10/10 would recommend!"


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