“The most important conversation you have is the conversation you have with yourself.” – David Goggins

The other night I was listening to a podcast episode with Jay Shetty and David Goggins and when David uttered these words I had to pause the episode and ask myself the question, “Sam how are you talking to yourself?” It is crazy to realize that nothing has meaning in this world except for the meaning that you and I give to those experiences and thoughts.

Think about it, how can two siblings lose a family member but their grieving processes look totally different. It is simply because the meaning each of them gave to the situation was radically different. The most important conversations we have on a daily basis are the conversations we have with ourselves. Let that sink in.

“Change your words, Change your world”

The words you use are literally altering your subconscious mind which works to manifest the thoughts, ideas and desires you give it. There is a speaker from London UK named Phil Jones that I had the pleasure of seeing live and his mantra is “change your words, change your world.” He speaks about the power of words in the context of sales, but I would take it a step further and say that if you change your conversations with yourself, if you change the words you use, you can radically change your direction and quality of life.


Here is a little list of common phrases to be aware of: 

“I Should” = Someone else’s opinion (society, friends, family)

“I Have to” = Feels like a chore and you will burnout quick (you don’t “have to” do anything)

“I Need to” = There are only a few things you need (water, food, shelter, oxygen, e.t.c)

“I want to be” = Change this statement to “I am” (“want to” is good for actions but not your identity)

“I can’t” = Remember that is no meaning or limit expect the one we create in our mind (impossible just takes longer)

“But” = After the word but is always the story that we keep telling ourselves why we can’t do something (change that story)

So, my challenge to you is to firstly begin having honest intentional conversations with yourself on a daily basis if you aren’t already, and then secondly begin to change the words you use in those conversations. You will start to see radical changes in your energy, enthusiasm, and personal growth.


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