Your actions matter.  You’re making a huge impact.  Your role in education is similar to a gardener.  You plant seeds, water them and often don’t see them grow.  Sometimes it takes 15 years before a student reaches out to tell you how much of an impact you had on them.

Sam’s teacher, Michael Loudfoot, changed his life.  He believed in Sam when Sam stopped believing in himself.  You have the opportunity with the students in your classroom.  Through this keynote, Sam shares what Mr. Loudfoot did that made him buy into his lessons and leadership.  You and your colleagues will leave this session remembering why you started teaching years ago…

Learning Outcomes

  • Inspire hope and passion
  • The importance of genuine curiosity
  • Why you should incorporate spontaneity
  • Why analogies and stories are important
  • How to understand your students
  • (add yours…)

Jeremy KhanJeremy KhanSecondary Teacher at Northern Lights Public Schools

"Sam was such an amazing presenter, if I'm being honest this guy stole the convention throughout Friday.  Loved hearing about his stories and how it connected to education, athletics, and life.  He should have been a keynote closer."

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