Sam Demma is a best-selling author and one of the most in-demand keynote speakers in the education and association sectors.

He delivered two TEDx talks, co-founded PickWaste—an organization that mobilized volunteers to pick up over 3000 bags of litter—and was awarded the prestigious Queens Platinum Jubilee Award for his exceptional contributions to Canada. During the pandemic, Sam produced two viral graduation videos for students who missed their ceremonies and launched a partnership with Taco Bell Canada to encourage people to engage in acts of kindness.

His work and interviews have been featured in The Globe & Mail, CBC, and CTV. He has been recognized as Starfish Canada’s Top 25 Under 25. Sam’s multimedia platform, The High Performing Educator, has spotlit over 250 educators, and his bestselling debut book, Empty Your Backpack has been called “a must-read for young dreamers.”. In his spare time, you can find Sam reading books, dancing the bachata, or journeying across the globe with his giant red backpack.

Sam Demma

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