Empty Your Backpack

In Empty Your Backpack, Sam reminds you that people’s words don’t define your worth. Over the past few months, Sam quietly worked with Ben Clarkson (Juno-nominated illustrator, artist and animator) to bring to life a poem that speaks to youth mental health, anti-bullying and positive self-esteem. Grab your popcorn, share widely and enjoy 🍿

Book Launch Highlight Video

On November 18th, over 300 people joined Sam to celebrate the launch of his debut book, Empty Your Backpack. Buy the Empty Your Backpack Book and spark meaningful conversations with the youth in your life. https://book.emptyyourbackpack.ca/

Keep Chasing Your Dreams

Everyone attaches their self-worth to something.  For Sam it was soccer.  This video was created to remind your students that their current situations do not reflect their future destinations.

“It’s okay to change.  It’s okay to wake up one day and walk a new path.  Sometimes in life, your dreams change. What’s important is that you have the courage to continue chasing them.”

Dear Class of 2021

The class of 2021 missed so many milestones, including graduation.  This video was created to celebrate the graduating class of 2021 and remind them that their stories are just beginning.

“This is your beginning.  Look ahead, in front of you and see the future you wanna create, and glance back behind you, knowing that although things didn’t go as planned, you’re the only person who can write your future, and the pen is resting in your two hands.”

Small Consistent Actions

What if everything you have ever learnt about change and social impact were totally wrong? In grade 12 Sam Demma had a high school teacher who convinced him that change and impact was not the result of massive shifts, but instead the outcome of committing to Small Consistent Actions.

“What is stopping you from being the next person that my teacher writes on his blackboard?  We can all play our part in making a difference.  One Small, Consistent Actions at a time.”

Speaking Reel

Are you looking for a relatable and impactful youth motivational speaker for your next event?  Whether virtual or in-person, Sam can help!  This video highlights his speaking ability.

“I realized that so often, the things that we might just love in our lives are directly on the other side of a very uncomfortable decision.”

Success Stories and Reviews

Sam started speaking at the young age of 17-years-old.  To date, he has delivered over 150 presentations to schools all across North America.  Here are some reviews from past clients.

“He spoke to our superintendents, director of education, principals and vice-principals.  And he was as natural and as fluid with them as he was with the kids.”

Dear Class of 2020

The class of 2020 missed so many milestones, including graduation.  This video was created to celebrate the graduating class of 2020 and remind them that their hard work had not gone unnoticed.

“Dear graduating class of 2020, whatever graduation means to you, I believe in you. Don’t lose your belief in yourself. Your future is promising, and your hard work has NOT and NEVER will go unnoticed.”


Hey New York FFA.  Sam Demma is beyond excited to be speaking at your annual state convention.  This video was created to preview Sam’s message and get delegates pumped up about his session.

“I wholeheartedly believe that you already possess the skills, talents and abilities that you need to be an exceptional leader, to be the change you want to see in the world, to be the link.”

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