Your actions matter. You make a huge impact. Your role in education is similar to a gardener. You plant seeds, water them and often don’t get to see them flourish. Sometimes it takes 15 years before a student reaches out to tell you how much of an impact you had on them. Sam is the 23-year-old example of one of your future students.

Sam’s teacher, Michael Loudfoot, changed his life. He believed in Sam when Sam stopped believing in himself. Every day, you have the same opportunity with your students. Through this keynote, Sam shares what Mr. Loudfoot did that made him buy into his lessons and leadership. You and your colleagues will leave this session filled with hope and optimism, remembering exactly why you started teaching.

Learning Outcomes

Re-ignite passion for the profession

Learn an effective way to engage your students

Reinforce the importance of genuine curiosity

Remind your educators that they matter

Create a culture of excellence

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Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Unforgettable presentations tailored to meet your needs and empower your audience. Since 2017, Sam Demma has delivered over 500 programs. Audiences typically include Students, Educators and Associations.

Media Appearances & Videos

Media Appearances & Videos

Grab your popcorn, get comfy, and enjoy watching these recent news interviews, speeches, and inspirational videos before making the decision to hire Sam. If you want to watch more, please reach out.

Best-selling Book


Empty Your Backpack, has sold over 2000 copies since its launch. Sam provides each audience member with the book (at no additional investment) when you book a keynote program.


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