At 20 years old, entrepreneur, youth coach, and keynote speaker Sam Demma doesn’t let his age define his drive or credibility.  His goal is to provide people of all ages with the tools and strategies they need to become the change-makers in their schools, businesses, communities, and in the lives of those around them.  And it all started with…garbage.  At the age of 17, he co-founded PickWaste, a grassroots initiative that brings people together to pick up trash in their communities.  That experience confirmed to him how small actions can have a big impact, and he lives that message in all he does.

In a few short years, his inspiring and entertaining presentations have reached thousands of students across Canada and his High Performing Student program has made a difference for young people in 6 countries around the world.  He’s delivered two TEDx talks, he is the youngest Professional member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, and there’s no limit to where small actions will take this big thinker.


Small Consistent Actions

Thanks to an educator – Micheal Loudfoot – Sam was taught a lesson that transformed the way he viewed the world, social impact and his own abilities.  Now, through this keynote, Sam shares this wisdom with an abundance of belly laughs, happy tears and breakthrough moments.  You won’t find someone more relatable and able to impact your students than Sam.




  • Make better choices
  • Reduce student anxiety
  • Redefine adversity
  • Find your small action
  • Inspire service work
  • (add yours…)

One Teacher Away

Sam’s story is not unique. Many educators have changed the lives of their students, but often need to be reminded of the power and influence they have. Because Sam resembles your students, this keynote will reinvigorate and deeply inspire your staff and administration.



  • Teach with passion
  • Genuine curiosity
  • Incorporate spontaneity
  • Analogies and stories are important
  • Understand each student
  • (add yours…)

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